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From all the Critters and Staff!

Big Bend Wildlife appreciates all our supporters!
During 2018, you the public contacted BBWS with over 2500 animal situations!

We can not accomplish the rehabilitation mission, without all the help from our families, volunteers, donors, and public support! 

We and the wildlife truly appreciate everyone's support! Thank you all!



What is BBWS?

* Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary Inc. (BBWS), is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the care of orphaned, sick and injured native wildlife, and to the education of the people of Alabama, and the surrounding states, and its visitors regarding our native wildlife habitat.  BBWS is hopeful that through education and public awareness, citizens will become sensitive to the special needs of wildlife and will aid in the preservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat. 

* Where sick, injured and orphaned wildlife are treated medically or raised, using various and natural methods to prepare them for release back in the wild.

* An educational program to enhance awareness, appreciation and respect for the wildlife around us, with the hope of needing fewer wildlife rescues in the future. 

* Where nuisance wildlife is humanely relocated when possible and advice is available to learn how to live with native wildlife in their and our own backyards.


Who is BBWS?

 * An organization of amazing volunteers, who are young and old, from all walks of life, who care about wildlife and want to see it preserved.  

* BBWS began in 1988 in Blountstown, FL by a wildlife rehabilitation pioneer named Betsy Knight. She was an amazing wildlife advocate and a pioneer in rehabilitating Florida Black Bears and returning them to the wild.  Ms Knight mentored Terry Morse (new BBWS Director) and provided a lot of knowledge and experience regarding the rehabilitation of Florida Black Bears and many other wildlife animals, with the hope that her work would continue to go forward. 

* BBWS was moved from Northwest Florida to South Alabama by John and Terry Morse in April 2012, after the passing of Ms Knight in February 2012. Ms. Knight had asked that the property be given to her son when she passed.  Therefore it seemed to be the appropriate time to move it to Alabama where there is a great need for more wildlife rehabilitators. 

* Terry Morse, Director of BBWS is both a Federally (FWS) and State Permitted Rehabilitator in Alabama, and she's also a permitted rehabilitator in Florida (since 2007.)

* BBWS Property is not open to the General Public, is open by "Appointment Only"


* BBWS feels that the rehabilitation of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife and their ultimate release is a humane and ecological approach to problems often caused by human-related activity. It is also a tool for education.  

* BBWS has a network of volunteers, trained and ready to care for rescued wildlife, and we insure that birds and animals needing help receive the best possible care.  

* We feel the responsibility is everyone's to share.


BBWS RESPECTS ALL NATIVE WILDLIFE!  Bears to Field Mice and Eagles to Hummingbirds. We raise them or treat them, or both, as often the case, then return them to the wild, just as soon as we possibly can. If their injuries are such that it would prevent them from surviving in the wild, the animal is evaluated individually by our trained volunteers and our amazing veterinarians. If they feel the animal can be used as an educational animal, it is placed in our educational programs or a comparable program. If determined that the animal is too sensitive or easily stressed in an educational environment it may be best to humanely euthanize the animal. We always consider what is best for the animal and that suffering is minimized.


BBWS IS AN ALL VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION (There are NO paid positions within the organization). BBWS would not exist if not for our wonderful volunteers and donors. Our funds are provided entirely through donations by concerned citizens and fund raisers. We are a 501 (c) (3) organization and all donations are tax deductible. All donations are used to build pens/enclosures and to provide food and medical assistance to indigenous wildlife in need here at the Sanctuary, unless the donor specifies the donation be spent on a particular project or for further education for our volunteers. BBWS receives no funding from State or Federal programs and relies solely on donations.

If you would like to make a DONATION please mail or bring it to:
Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary Inc.
1034 County Road 445
Enterprise, Al 36330





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