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CLOSING OUT THE OLD AND STARTING THE NEW YEAR TO BBWS FRIENDS AND FANS!  Wow 2018 went by too fast here at Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary Inc. (BBWS) and we sure were busy, and 2019 is here!  The plan when we started BBWS here, was to build all of our enclosures and facilities and get ready for the critters in 2013. We have been playing catch-up since 2012! Little did we know how busy we would be from 2012 to the present with critters.  Word of mouth caused an explosion of advertising for us and the calls started and kept coming.  We actually took in over 160 injured, orphaned or ill critters between May to December 2012! In 2013 we took in over 430 animals! In 2014 we took in over 800 animals! Year 2015, we broke the over 1000 animals! Year 2016 and 2017 pushed to the point of almost having to say "NO MORE!" We were able to find additional funding's, space, and help to handle over 1450 animals! The animals came from various counties in Alabama that ranged from South of Birmingham to Mobile Alabama.  Best of all we had many, many successful releases this year (over 75% of input was released).
**The 2016 highlight was our 1st Adult Bald Eagle, since moving to Alabama! She was treated and released! What a honor for all.  2017 gave us the opportunity to care for and release the 2nd Bald Eagle (juvenile).

We also responded to well over 1500 calls involving our native wildlife in one way or another.  We were successful in reuniting young fawns with their mothers and some baby birds that fell out of their nest.  That always makes our day.  We even successfully talked some home owner's into waiting a couple of days or weeks for the mom's and babies of raccoons/opossums/fox/squirrels, under/over/in/near homes to leave on their own.  We suggested that after they leave, you should have someone help close off the entry point where the animals were coming in, so it doesn't happen again. 

Unfortunately we also had some sad stories this year! We had our Albino Blue Jay pass away! We also had our American Crow pass away!  We appreciate them sharing their lives with everyone! We do our best to save the helpless animals that come to us, but sometimes their injuries are just too severe.  Please be careful when coming in contact with wildlife.  Talk to us first before you pick up any wild animal. When an animal wild or domestic is hurting or frightened they can be unpredictable.

Thank goodness for our BBWS volunteers, and Supporters.  There aren't enough words or space to describe how invaluable all of them are to our organization.  All our volunteers have come to our rescue time after time to help build new pens, repair the big flight pen for our large raptor occupants, build deer pens for our growing fawns, mow the ever growing grass and weeds, and to help feed and clean the numerous little critters we get.  Thanks to all of you for giving us your time and efforts.  We couldn't do it without you! We and the animals are not done yet, so please don't stop coming.

We have had the Military organizations from Ft. Rucker, helping us! We have had numerous civic organizations lending a hand or 2, 3, ....! Even Families wanting to give back to nature, and teaching their children the importance of our wildlife, and how it takes everyone to help our creature's get back into the wild! Everyone takes time out of a day of their busy lives to help us, we and the animals appreciate all the efforts!  Thank you for all that you did for BBWS!  Enjoy the pictures of the work they did under the Volunteer tab and see the other donors who have helped BBWS out over the previous years. 

Lots of ideas on the list, but so little time to get it all done.  We are really hoping to build on our volunteer pool this year.  It is too much for one person to feed all those little mouths during baby season.  So we are hoping that the volunteers will start signing up for different schedules soon.  If you or someone you know would like to volunteer with BBWS please give us a call at 334-447-8110 or 334-447-8111.

Thank you also to all the rescuers for giving the wildlife critters a second chance. 

Together We Can Make a Difference!

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